Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crazy busy...

This past week just flew by..I am not sure where it went...getting ready for CE which in in about 2 weeks..
My charms arrived from the charm swap I am involved in..they are really fabulous..I soon as I get them all arranged on my necklace & bracelet I will post a photo...but they are amazing..a really talented group of chickies! I was so impressed I signed up for the 2nd chance swap as well...
Pop had surgery that took up a big chunk of time..then running meals to his house..we were all gathered around..he loves all the attention!
Candee had a birthday..which we are celebrating here tomorrow...I am making her homemade peach ice cream, which is in the works...the peaches are sliced and sugared..waiting to be added to the milk and cream mixture...oh yum... it will go with the peach pie she requested..
Made a trip to Palmer's with a piece of vintage furniture I had been working is delivered..but still needs some work...I promise to get it done Palmer! At least it is there instead of here!
Barney's opens here October 15th..Carrie we need to be there! Did you get my message?
Planning a trip somewhere over Labor Day..any ideas?
Yesterday Allan & I went and saw Julie/Julia...loved it!
I still have a few raks to get out in the mail...
(BIL )Bill will be here in 2 weeks for a few days....time for margaritas!

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