Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas....are you ready?

This a 7gypsies painter tray I have made for my sister Candee for Christmas...she is a real gypsy girl....never leaves a thrift store empty handed!
I know she is going to love it..can hardly wait for her to see it...The frame with the bird, opens up and there is a photo of her at a craft cute..
I have to laugh. she came over today we made some cute gifts and I went out to her truck to get something she needed,,,and hanging from her rearview mirror is a sign that says...Radioactive Heap...I loved it...

Have cards made & mailed, packages sent...except for one..Friday.. that is happening Friday..presents wrapped...still have some shopping to finish.. wish me luck..hope the parking fairy is kind to me...waiting for UPS to make it's deliveries...tree is decorated...meals planned..cookies baked...I think we are almost ready...

Murphy and Carrie ( stella , too) arrive on Wednesday...planning on celebrating with them..Murphy just signed a contract with Four Star Distribution..we are so excited and happy for him...way to go Murphy...We have champagne chilling!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ms. Triana..tres chic!

This was Triana's first trip to Anthropology with Mommy & Aunt Connie..I know there will be lots more in her future,we wanted to get her started early!

Thanksgiving....were heading up the hill!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...
We are headed up north to spend the day with our friends & get a head start on celebrating Lori's(bff) BD...woo hoo...
The boys are scattered this year so we took the day off ...I know Allan is suffering..deep frying a turkey is one of his favorite meals to prepare....
Palmer & Alexis are in Prescott with her family....Murphy & Carrie are in LA at her aunts...we'll see you all well as Lulu and Stella....
I have something that I am working on.....most of you know my parents lived in about 70 plus houses in the years they were married..which was 65 years...almost 40 of them were in Arizona...can you imagine...I barely remember them....anyway...I have been photographing as many of them as I can.( some are gone) we even took a shot of the beach house in Del Mar when we were there over Labor Day ...and making a book for my Dad...if any of you have any pictures let me has been a daunting task....but fun...As soon as it is'll be the first to know! Oh just fyi they were not in the military...

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Here is the birthday boy! Happy Birthday babe!

Here we are in you can just feel the history here..and the houses are beautiful..I love all the squares the city is built around...another great place to see...

Where have I been?

We have been off celebrating Allan's birthday...we always go somewhere new & this year was no exception...we headed to the low country for 3 days ..Charleston to be exact then off to Savannah for another 3 days...
Charleston we will be back...loved it...stayed at The Charleston Place word FABULOUS...seriously I never felt so pampered...ever heard of the Orient Express? These are the same people...really an experience...Allan really went above and beyond...
My friends from ILX days..Mike and Tiffany drove from Myrtle Beach and met us for breakfast..they brought Alexis..she is all grown fun to see them all!
We went to the shore, drove on country roads, toured a plantation & walked & walked & was the best....
Did I mention King Street? Charming....loved it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

LULU is in the house!

Lulu came for a sleep has been lots of good food ,tummy rubs & in the morning..she took us for a walk....come back soon!
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Here's my Dad..with a his new Halloween flashing skull and crossbones pin....we went by his house the other day and Allan planted some fresh flowers in the pots he has along his drive way...looks good!
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tricks & Treat ?

A little something that is kinda creepy..... to go in our entry for Halloween. A few feather boas, some white pumpkins, a black crow..what more could you want...I think it needs some bling...maybe some tulle...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Five Book

Watch this..fabulous!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween Mini Book...

This is the mini book we did at SHS a week ago..the mirrored cover is tough to photograph...
this does not do it justice! EEKS..there are lots of fun embellishments that we used ink,smooch paint, embossing powder & cut out was really do as you wish kind of fun..
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Karma Kup..what?

My sister Candee has made these art pieces....for a fundraiser to benefit domestic violence..they will be having a fashion show in a few weeks and announce the winner at that time...pretty fabulous don't you think?