Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas....are you ready?

This a 7gypsies painter tray I have made for my sister Candee for Christmas...she is a real gypsy girl....never leaves a thrift store empty handed!
I know she is going to love it..can hardly wait for her to see it...The frame with the bird, opens up and there is a photo of her at a craft cute..
I have to laugh. she came over today we made some cute gifts and I went out to her truck to get something she needed,,,and hanging from her rearview mirror is a sign that says...Radioactive Heap...I loved it...

Have cards made & mailed, packages sent...except for one..Friday.. that is happening Friday..presents wrapped...still have some shopping to finish.. wish me luck..hope the parking fairy is kind to me...waiting for UPS to make it's deliveries...tree is decorated...meals planned..cookies baked...I think we are almost ready...

Murphy and Carrie ( stella , too) arrive on Wednesday...planning on celebrating with them..Murphy just signed a contract with Four Star Distribution..we are so excited and happy for him...way to go Murphy...We have champagne chilling!