Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving Day....

This is my moving day....
I certainly don't want anyone left behind...so just come with me...
I am moving to a new address...this is where you can find me...a fresh new look...something I can call my own!


See you soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girl Cave...continued

Since so many of you have commented on the color of the Girl Cave, I thought I would share a cute story..
We live in a new house,,,so when the contractor was here to do the painting...he had the room all prepped ,was starting to paint he stopped & called me.."Are you sure this is the color you picked it seems a little ..umm bright?"
Well in an otherwise empty room it did look like perhaps you could get raditation burns or something..a "strong sunscreen might be required" at the least...but once we got the furniture installed.. cabinets hung..it was perfect...it is a happy place..
Thank all of you for your comments...
I have been blog hopping & have seen some awesome spaces...
Thanks to Karen for putting this all together for us!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Girl Cave

Welcome to the Girl Cave as my husband so affectionately calls it.

This is the right side of my studio..(GC), I use this desk for sewing and paper crafting...just about everything actually. To the right of this is a metal sorter for files , ideas, old papers and below is a little cabinet for some of my sewing things..I keep the bolts of yardage in a walk in closet ...behind this area..it was not ready for public viewing!

The inspiration board is a frame I thrifted. repainted and had a piece of sheet metal cut...I was going to cover is with paper..but once I got it up I liked the look of the metal..so that's it for now.It gets rearranged on a pretty regular basis.

On the upper cabinets I have some of my dress forms .The Big Cupcake was a wine display from the market that my friend Martin scored for me...I love it! It needs a serious dose of glitter...the ribbon says "live deliciously"...
ahhh..that makes me grin!

This little cabinet...another trip to IKEA..or as my husband says ickea...he had a bad experience there once!
I stash small sewing items in here ..buttons, thread, scissors, lining ,fat quarters, trims..you get the idea..the drawers get progressively deeper as the go down..I actually have three of these cabinets..Two on the other side of the GC, plus they are on wheels , so are pretty easy to move..

Inspiration Board....

Going around the GC to the left on the back wall is more storage, you can never have enough! I keep my sewing machine on the top and the little cabinets have drawers, where I store my inks, stickles, & small tools..just in arms reach when I am working...I should have bought more of these..the big white board for scheduling...classes..projects..ordering supplies.

Another shot of that side of the GC ...my accucut is on the left side..it is a perfect spot.. I keep all the dies in the cabinetry below, so they are handy.In the right side I try to keep all the small stuff in containers from the container store labeled.

A little shadow box I found at the thrift for like $2.oo...score! It required a little overhaul...

I have two identical workspaces in here...my computer is over on this side of the GC..love having the window..first thing in the morning I am in here checking my email, reading blogs, and more often then not, I have hot air balloons hanging right out there...lots of birds..what a great view.
Plus....if I have someone over we can have our own spot to create....

Here is my ink jet printer, silhouette & flat screen..for those late nites up creating!..
The other two cabinets..I keep paper in these drawers..they are just perfect for that..I started out with just one, then another and then another..someone stop me!

To the left of this is a walk in closet..actually more like a warehouse...I keep supplies for classes, projects, miscellaneous stuff from the thrift and fabric...bolts of it!
it is scary in there..but I have big plans for it...soon! So check back for the reveal...

I love this little spot..just to the right of the door when you walk...perfect spot for some shelves, books, jars of buttons and pics of my favorite peeps!

I am glad you stopped by to see the Girl Cave, most days you can find me here...some nights too..it is where I go to create...I am sure it is no secret it hardly ever looks this tidy...although I find I function better if it is at least organized chaos...
Can't wait for a peek inside your space!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

something new...sew cute

This is a peek at something I am working
on for a new class coming up later in the summer...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where Women Create

I am participating in a blog hop on June 19th if you are interested in playing along click here.......http://mydesertcottage.blogspot.com/ Karen was featured in Somerset Magazine Where Women Create...and is hosting this...she expects over 400 to join in...I guess you know what I will be doing that day!
We'll get to see where us creative types do our best work...
I have been cleaning like crazy so I can take some pictures...it will never look this tidy ever...somedays I can barely walk in here...I know I am not alone..
but it is looking pretty good right now...wait till you see.

Summer in Payson

On Saturday at Paper Metal Scrappers, Payson Az, I taught my shabby chic wreath class....if you have never been it is definitely worth the trip...Brenda and Barbara are the best..I love this place..
There was a Farmers Market going on right outside their door... and up the street a rodeo!
The Strawberry Festival was in Pine ..lots a things to do on such a great summer day.
Of course the main event is the Rodeo in August!
I met the nicest girls..Alyssa was celebrating her 15th birthday with us ( if I had known we would have brought a cake) and Teddy..the iris folding lady was there too. We had fun and every one's project turned out great!
I did not take any pictures..note to self don't forget next time!
I will be back in July with the sewing journal project..so if you want to join us give them a call.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tony Bennett

Tonight at the Dodge theatre in Phoenix..another thing to cross off my bucket list....just getting in the mood!