Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girl Cave...continued

Since so many of you have commented on the color of the Girl Cave, I thought I would share a cute story..
We live in a new house,,,so when the contractor was here to do the painting...he had the room all prepped ,was starting to paint he stopped & called me.."Are you sure this is the color you picked it seems a little ..umm bright?"
Well in an otherwise empty room it did look like perhaps you could get raditation burns or something..a "strong sunscreen might be required" at the least...but once we got the furniture installed.. cabinets was is a happy place..
Thank all of you for your comments...
I have been blog hopping & have seen some awesome spaces...
Thanks to Karen for putting this all together for us!


  1. I luv your "girl cave", but how do you keep it so neat and clean. I am a messy

  2. Hi, Connie! Hoping all is well with you. Love, love, love your Girl Cave! I used a very similar color in my studio and find it very uplifting and inspiring...but my studio is nowhere near as neat as yours...even when I straightened it up, ;). BTW, there is a surprise for you on my blog! Happy Creating!